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About Us
Our Goal: Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, we work to build relationships with our customers that will last a lifetime. Our purpose is to provide our clients with unbeatable quality, pricing, and service on an ongoing basis.

AddToner.com specializes in imaging supplies and imaging equipment. By focusing specifically on this market, we can provide our customers with the excellent support and supplies they expect in a supplier.

Unsolicited E-mail is not sent to AddToner.com customers. Your personal and account information is secure as we value our customers' privacy.

Return Policy
AddToner.com cheerfully accepts returns on unopened, undamaged merchandise within 30 days of receipt. Opened cases can be returned, but will be reimbursed for the unused portion amount only. Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the shipper. Please e-mail us first for a return form.

Order Acceptance Policy
AddToner.com reserves the right to limit the order quantity on any item, without prior notification. Additional verification may be needed on orders of $1000 or more to protect the interests of our customers.

Canceling An Order
We are unable to cancel an order once the order has been processed. However, if the product is back-ordered, you can request cancellation on back-ordered items by contacting us. You will be notified if your order cannot be cancelled. Please contact us for more information,

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